Why is Guitar My Weakness?

 When I was 14, my father gave me a guitar as I showed him my interest in guitar. Our school had music classes where I learned the basics of guitar. First, it was my hobby, but later, it became my passion. When I got the skill, I found more about this instrument. The guitar is not only something about strings, but it also teaches you a lot of things. Now, I am 18 and much more perfect in guitar, and all these years have taught me a lot. Like, I used to be an impatient person, but now, I have become very calm and patient.

Guitar Makes You A Better Person

I have learned persistence as I have to work on my notes by focusing on it. You can’t just do something and play the guitar as well. It would help if you had full concentration, and it teaches patience. These factors will help you a lot about life, especially in your career. Once you learn some instrument, you can learn anything as you become a healthy person. Emotionally, I have become a very strong human being just by playing the guitar and holding down a job as a kitchen hood cleaner.…

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