Role Guitars Have Played In Performative Art

Guitars, and music more broadly, have been a staple in performative art for centuries. From theatre to opera, guitars and other string instruments have often been used to enhance the performance. In some cases, they’ve even been the focal point of the performance. Whether you see a guitarist at a show or performing under one of the tents of Sacramento Tent Rentals, guitars make a difference in performances.

One of the earliest examples of the guitar being used in a performative setting is from the seventeenth century. Back then, guitars were often used in theatre productions. They were played as part of the orchestra to provide music for the actors. In some cases, they were even used as part of the set. For example, there are a few operas from that time period that include scenes where the guitar is on stage and being played by one of the characters.

Later on, in the nineteenth century, guitars started to be used in other types of performance settings as well. In particular, they started to be used in opera houses. This was largely due to the work of Luigi Boccherini. He was a composer and a cellist, but he was a fan of the guitar as well. In addition to his works for string quartet and orchestra, he also wrote many pieces that featured the guitar prominently. Later on, other composers would follow in his footsteps and try their hand at writing for guitars.

In the twentieth century, guitars became even more popular in theatrical performances.…

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