What I Learned About Guitar from Jim

this picture shows what I learned about jim guitar

Before I met Jim, I only knew the hollow guitar, but Jim told me about other types as well. Jim is my school mate and now my best friend who I met two years back. Jim’s father is a concrete contractor and doesn’t hinder his passion. It is what he knows about an electric acoustic guitar and other variations 

Guitar Lessons from Jim

Electric Acoustic

This type of guitar is a combination of acoustic and electric as it has a built-in microphone, and you can connect it with an amplifier to increase the sound level. This type is right for those who want to perform in a live show because you don’t need mics separately. 


Then there is a semi-acoustic guitar that has a hollow body but is an electric guitar. It is also a combination of both acoustic and electric guitars. However, this is thinner compared to acoustic guitars, besides it doesn’t produce a loud sound like hollow.

This type of guitar is perfect for those who want a variety like, who want an acoustic sound along with an amplifier as required. But, if you like hollow, then semi-acoustic will not please you. Moreover, such guitars are expensive.

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How A Tree Contractor’s Son Became A Violinist

this is an image of a violin

Robert is one of the best violinists in the town and a brilliant teen. Robert is my cousin, and we spent our childhood together. I was fond of the piano and used to take classes, but Robert loved the violin. Uncle Sam, Robert’s father, is a tree service contractor and always busy with nature, and he highly supports his son. Sam believes that if you study regularly, get good marks; you can carry on with any hobby in your spare time.

Playing Violin Turned to Passion

But, Robert’s hobby has become his intense passion, and I know how he spent his days and nights in the forest with his father. When he was a kid, Uncle Sam used to take him along, and while he was busy with workers in trimming trees, Robert used to play the violin. He loves nature and peaceful places, especially around the lake. Violin needs focus and a calm mind to play, especially if you want to create something. He is not only the best violinist but also a musician and a poet.

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