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Robert is one of the best violinists in the town and a brilliant teen. Robert is my cousin, and we spent our childhood together. I was fond of the piano and used to take classes, but Robert loved the violin. Uncle Sam, Robert’s father, is a tree service contractor and always busy with nature, and he highly supports his son. Sam believes that if you study regularly, get good marks; you can carry on with any hobby in your spare time.

Playing Violin Turned to Passion

But, Robert’s hobby has become his intense passion, and I know how he spent his days and nights in the forest with his father. When he was a kid, Uncle Sam used to take him along, and while he was busy with workers in trimming trees, Robert used to play the violin. He loves nature and peaceful places, especially around the lake. Violin needs focus and a calm mind to play, especially if you want to create something. He is not only the best violinist but also a musician and a poet.

a tree contractors son become violinist

Violin as Passion

Robert writes his songs, makes tunes, and sings with them. Though he is not a good singer, his music is fantastic. When he plays violin, he goes into another world, even the birds or his pets become calm and seem that they are also listening to his music. His father also loves music and says that nature gives him the meaning of balance, peace, and rhythm. When its raining and you are around the trees, you feel like playing the violin along with nature.

What Does a Tree Contractor Do?

Trees also need rhythm in the form of good shape. Like you have to prune trees to make them healthy. If a wrong tree or shrub is sucking a healthy tree, it will collapse or will not grow. The tree contractor takes care of trees, plants, and the landscape. Sam knows the names of almost all the trees; I mean botanical names. He has a team to work with him. Also, he gets tree trimming orders for homes, parks, forests, and commercial buildings. Not only this, but he also gets orders to plant trees, and you can say that Sam is a contractor, gardener, and a horticulturist.

Responsibilities of A Tree Contractor

A tree contractor also has to keep the trees safe and prevent them from illegal cutting. When he gets a contract, he becomes responsible for that area. Likewise, cutting the trees and transporting them to another place is also his duty. He can well manage his team and completes his contract on time. He has transferred his team management quality to Robert, who can handle his band very well.

Robert has also learned discipline and patience from his father. Uncle Sam often attends music concerts where Robert plays the violin. Sometimes uncle invites his friends after completing the contract, and we all enjoy Music with Robert and his band. I play the piano, and Uncle Sam sings, and we enjoy it a lot. Sometimes we sit together around a bonfire, especially in winter. I believe that music is the best way to enlighten your soul.