If you are a guitarist, especially a teenager who is new to it, this article is for you. You can’t just buy any guitar and start to learn as it has various types, like bass, acoustic, and electric. Each type has its purpose, and you should know when and where to play a specific guitar, so let’s explore them.

Acoustic Guitar

This is a common type as most of you would know it, and we also call it a hollow guitar due to its hollow body. It is the construction that creates sound like it amplifies the sound of the strings. You would find them in wood with six strings, and they come up in different shapes and sizes.

Moreover, the acoustic guitar is either symmetrical that is well-shaped or cut-away, a part of which is cut to help us have a high fret. We also have heavy guitars like Jumbos and Dreadnoughts that produce loud sounds.

We also have Auditorium and Parlor guitars for quite tones which are well-balanced. All these guitars come up in three sizes, including half size, full, and three quarters. The prices also vary so you can buy according to your budget and needs. A teenager should buy a standard size guitar, and once perfect, can buy a large guitar. Your teacher can also guide you about the best guitar for beginners.

Types of Strings

An acoustic guitar has different kinds of strings, including steel and nylon. Both strings give different sounds, and steel is ideal for those who want to play country, rock, folk, and blues.

On the other hand, nylon string is good for classical tunes. Likewise, the guitar has either six strings or 12, but a guitar with six strings is common and most popular among beginners.

A 12-string guitar works like six strings, but each string is thicker and gives a harp sound. So, it is up to you what kind of music you need. It also depends on if you want to sing while playing or not. But, hollow guitars are not always of wood, as some companies even make metal guitars.

Which Acoustic Guitar Is Suitable for You?

Acoustic guitars are excellent for startups, especially teenagers who don’t have the grip on strings yet. It is also ideal for musicians or songwriters who want to create while playing music. If you’re going to play loud and love a solo performance, electric would suit you.

Hollow is also ideal for a group of friends who want to have some fun at a party or school. You can also play in a theater in front of a crowd, but you need a high-quality guitar. So, how you want to play determines the kind of guitar you should buy. But as a beginner, buy any normal size acoustic guitar and start practicing.

An acoustic guitar is an excellent gift for kids who love music and want to impress other kids. A guitar can never leave you alone because it keeps you busy with excellent tunes and lovely creations. Write your songs and satisfy your creative ability.