Teenagers love music the most than any other person, and most of them also play some instruments. If you are a teenager and play a perfect violin, you can earn through it just like Garry, who is making a handsome amount of money. Garry takes violin classes in his garage, and his father has no issue with it. His father is a roofing contractor and often goes on long tours for building projects. Hence, the garage is mostly vacant. Garry has been playing violin from the age of 6, and he learned it from his grandfather.

You Can Teach Violin

A child learns faster than an adult. That’s why Garry has become perfect and plays the violin like a professional. Initially, he had only one student, but gradually, more youngsters joined his music classes. He has trained so many students until now. Most of his students are learning the violin as a hobby, but some want to be professional musicians. Garry starts with the basics, and after a month, he proceeds with further lessons. He has various types of violin in his collection, of which most are of wood. Garry takes care of the instruments like his pets and cleans them daily with a soft cloth. Never will you see the dust on his violins

Garry’s Music Shows

Garry also conducts music shows, and that is his other source of income. Besides, he creates music for private videos and YouTube channels. He has grown a lot in his career as a violinist and never minds earning in various ways. When you are passionate about something, and you love it, the money will flow to you naturally. Just be honest with what you do, and people will get attracted to you.

this image shows a violin musician

There are also other ways to earn with the violin like you can design online classes or can teach through a YouTube channel. You can also write songs or can create playback music for T.V shows and films. Even animated movies can take benefit from your music. Kids often love musical cartoons and short films. Hence, there are several ways to earn through your passion.

Garry’s Father

Garry’s father is also a famous person because he provides high-end roofing services. Whether you need to install a new roof or want the repair work, you can count on this talented contractor. Garry has no interest in construction, but he often helps his father during a home repair. 

His Future Plans

He has a plan to open his studio as he needs the garage for his new car. He works hard so he can save some money for a music studio. The way Garry creates music, he would make enough money in a short time.

If you love any instrument, don’t neglect it, and join some music classes. Music will make your life peaceful, and you will see the world with an open mind. Creative work always enhances cognitive ability, so get some time for creating sweet tunes. You can study and play according to your schedule, but never forget to release stress through music.