The sound of the guitar is probably one of the most distinctive sounds in music. Its versatile nature means that it can be used in many genres, with each genre bringing out a different sonic quality. Whether you’re into metal or classical, playing solo or back up for your favorite rockstar, there’s a perfect instrument for everyone.

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These types of guitars include:

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars produce a rich, full sound that is perfect for everything from soulful ballads to heavy metal shredding and riffing. Many would say that it’s easier than electric guitar but you’ll need an amplifier and good technique to get the best results. Beginners should play nylon strings until they’re used to playing so they don’t hurt their fingers and learn about small differences in string size and tension – this will be helpful when figuring out what kind of guitar suits them best later on down the line!

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars can bring a lot more power to your tracks, with distinct sounds depending on whether you’re playing with a pick or your fingers. You can create some amazing effects when playing them through an amplifier, whether you’re playing heavy riffs or shredding solos. If you want to play by yourself in your bedroom, make sure you get one with a low action so it’s easy to press the strings down.

Acoustic-Electric Guitars

These are perfect for someone looking for versatility – they have both acoustic and electric qualities without requiring an external amplifier! They generally have the same action as an acoustic guitar but will require more frequent tuning if played regularly. This is because of the higher tension in the strings caused by the presence of an electro-magnetic pickup under each string.

4 Bass Guitars

The bass guitar is the perfect accompaniment for rock and pop bands – it gives a deep, rich sound which can really add power to your tracks. While you don’t need to be able to read music to play one, it definitely helps if you want to write your own songs. Bass guitars are generally played with a pick, and most have four strings although there are some six-string basses available.

5 Classical Guitars

Classical guitars are often used in Spanish or classical music styles. They have nylon strings and a wide neck, making them perfect for finger-style playing. You don’t need an amplifier to play one of these guitars – they’re perfect for playing at home or in small settings.