Violin may surprise you because you can play it quickly once you learn how to play. People often think that the violin is for sad tunes, but this is not so. You can also perform light music with this instrument. Teenagers mostly prefer guitar, piano, organ, drum set, and consider violin boring. But it would help if you learned to play the violin at a young age because it can leave a positive impact on you. The instrument would give you the lifelong benefits that would appear later in your life.

Certain teenagers are at the edge of committing suicide because they messed up their lives, should learn a violin. In my opinion, a teenager would never even think of suicide if he or she knows to play some instrument, especially the violin. It has both physical, mental, and social benefits that would keep you healthy all the time.

Violin Improves Cognitive Function

Psychiatrists say that different ways can enhance our brain function like memory, concentration, and others. This is also a reality that we never forget something that we learned in our childhood. Besides, the violin can keep a child busy in a healthy activity. The teenager would excel in studies after learning a violin because it enhances memory. Your focus level also becomes more than before.

Not only the memory, but a person’s learning ability also increases. You also become a good reader, and your language processing ability also becomes better. Even your speech would become flawless, and all of this happens because of an active brain. A dull mind affects the entire personality. According to the Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry issued by Dr. James Hudziak, children can beat several mental disorders by playing the violin.

Moreover, violin or other string instruments enhance our senses like sight, touch, and hearing. The musicians have swift reflexes than common people, especially those who play the violin.

It Enhances Social Relationships

A violin player or musician can competently deal with people, especially if they play before a crowd. Their self-esteem is always high, which makes them accessible, among others. They are also self-reliant people with high-level self-awareness. Hence, string instruments like the violin change your entire personality. We have a friend who became a garden photographer after playing the violin, way different than what he did before, one of his pictures is here –

Teenagers should make the violin a part of their extra-curricular activities. Parents of young musicians are thrilled because their kids never waste time on useless things. What others learn in old age, violin players learn them in their teenage years and become more mature. Such teenagers can make the right decisions at the right time. You can become independent pretty soon if you play the violin.

Violin Helps to Release Emotions

Violin is the best way of releasing emotions. Like, you can release all your frustrations, stress, tension, anxiety, anger, and guilt. Just name any mental issue and get it resolved by playing the violin. You become constructive instead of damaging things or relationships. You always think positively about others, and your attitude leaves a good impact on your health. You also become physically stronger and hardly get sick. It can also improve your posture that gets worse due to a sedentary lifestyle. We have to sit straight while playing the violin, so the back remains in good shape. So, now is the time to play the violin to enjoy its benefits and improve your life.